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LibreOffice 5.0 Officially Released

Hi for everyone,

One of the best alternatives of Microsoft Office package for Linux is LibreOffice, which will provide the alternatives for Word, Excel, Access and etc. As usual this application can be compiled and installed in every Linux distribution. But our purpose is not to install it manually each time when the developers release new version. We prefer to find repository with fresh compiled packages which will upgrade LibreOffice with all other system packages at once.

And today we will install official release of Libra Office 5 on our machines.

I just want to remind I’m personally a big fan of Elementary OS and I have one of LibreOffice 4 version installed on my machine. But I think the upgrade procedure on Ubuntu or any other Ubuntu based Linux or Debian distribution will be exactly the same.

Let’s start. First of all we need to completly remove current libreoffice:

Clean the repository cache:

This command will remove unused packages. Be careful when you run this command, apt can includes also necessary applications in the list of unused packages. So be warned.

Add the new libreoffe repository:

Update the list of available packages

Now we are ready to install LibreOffice:

I like the gray-white icons so I install sirf package for libreoffice to get those in theme list:

Now we can run it and use the office package.


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