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How to Install Corebird Twitter Client on ElementaryOS

Yes! You can always open another tab in you browser to use Twitter. But it  is the other way! Use Desktop native application line Corebird. Open-source, lightweight, modern and very nice looking application.

Corebird Features:

  • Retweet, reply, ‘quote retweet’ and favouriting
  • Multiple account support
  • Edit Twitter bio, avatar and banner image
  • Follow/unfollow and block/unblock accounts
  • Secure authentication
  • Block accounts & filter tweets
  • In-line image & video previews (can be disabled)
  • Support for .gifs and vines
  • Uses Twitter’s link shortener

As always i don’t like installation from deb downloaded packages, without adding the apt repository. Becouse we will miss all upgrades in the future and as usual I’d like to use the latest package.

If you are using Ubuntu you will be able to install the latest version of Corebird, but if you using ElementaryOS like me the latest version which is available for you is 1.1

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